About Us

"We Build Relationships"

Essex Financial Services LLC provides commercial mortgage loan servicing, real estate asset management and collateral surveillance solutions. Through collaboration with you we create highly flexible scopes of work that complement your existing strengths. Essex takes pride in the fact that many of our relationships are measured in decades either through our legacy company or through personal relationships established by our management and staff. Essex provides services to life insurance companies, mortgage banking firms and private lenders including debt funds and private investors.

Essex Financial Services was originally the commercial mortgage loan servicing platform of Essex Financial Group, which is a successful regional mortgage banking firm located in Denver, CO. We were formed as a standalone company in 2010. Our current assets under management include loans secured by all commercial real estate property types and locations throughout the US. We treat your customers so well they return to you closing table again and again. Loan types we service include core, bridge, construction, subordinate financing and other highly structured debt products. Essex is a good citizen in our industry. We believe in building and maintaining strong relationships not only with you but for you. Essex assures best practices through its interaction with peer firms, industry leaders and other specialized service providers. Our aim is to be a trusted advisor for you as well as an excellent service provider.

Essex Financial Services LLC