Construction Lender

"Essex Financial Services: Loan Servicing From the Ground Up"

Essex Financial Services provides a full array of construction loan services including full management of the draw review process. For experienced construction lenders Essex executes your tested processes without fail. For newer construction lending platforms we work closely with you to establish sensible and detailed draw requirements and implement a repeatable draw review and approval process that meets your specific risk requirements and assures quick turnaround for your borrowers.

How do we know what works? We have represented a multitude of construction lenders from start-up debt funds to large life insurance companies. Projects have ranged in value from $4 million to $60 million across multiple commercial real estate property types with locations throughout the US.

Essex speaks the languages of lenders, real estate developers, general contractors, architects, engineers, title attorneys, and all other parties involved in even the most complex construction project while keeping your costs on as variable a basis as possible.

Essex Financial Services LLC