Building Relationships and Values

What We Do
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Loan Servicing and Asset Management Company

Essex Financial Services is a privately owned commercial mortgage loan servicing and asset management company headquartered in Denver.

Providing Service to All Our Clients

We specialize in serving life insurance companies, private lenders, and other third-party clients in the commercial mortgage industry.

Your success is our success

We believe in building long-term relationships and creating an environment where our people can succeed.

Traditional Firm Raising the Bar

We follow Industry Best Practices, but more than that, we never stop looking at ways to make our processes better.  We set the bar and create solutions that are unique to you and your goals.

  • A leadership team that has 100+ years of combined industry experience
  • We focus on relationships with many of them measured in decades.
  • We have served companies of all sizes

Working For You

We show up to those MBA and CREFC calls and bring back to your business what we learn.

We work with 55+ unique clients. Our team provides expert advice to new firms and takes experienced firms into the future.

We are compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley.  Essex holds a SOC-1.

Our clients include:






Who We Are

Our story began in 1978 when our founder, Jeff Riggs, arrived in Denver. He brought with him a business suit, a short but impressive resume as an institutional real estate professional and the idea of starting a mortgage banking firm.

Jeff’s big idea was that rather than just supplying loans to capital sources and investors, he would remain engaged with the borrowers and their collateral throughout the life of each loan. This ensured the best performance possible for each loan and encouraged transparency among all parties. We honor this approach every day.

“You make the decision to move to Denver and that you want to live here and then you figure out how to make it work. And that is exactly what I did in 1978. With my brand-new wife, we packed everything that we owned in a 1971 Volkswagen and a Datsun D10 and drove out here from Hartford, Connecticut.”

Jeff Riggs

Essex Legacy

The legacy of Essex Financial Services is as the commercial mortgage loan servicing platform for that mortgage banking firm, Essex Financial Group. We started as part of a real estate finance group, so we understand the needs of yours. For our first 30+ years, our platform primarily served life insurance companies, CMBS issuers, regional banks and other mortgage banking firms that retained servicing for the loans they originated. Understanding the inner workings of the industry allows us to service you with just that—an insider perspective.

In 2010, in response to our success providing third-party servicing to other mortgage banking firms, Essex Financial Services was formed as a separate entity. Since 2015, we have expanded our client roster to include private lenders whose structures include debt funds, hedge funds, third-party mortgage asset management firms and small-to-mid sized balance sheet lenders. In addition to servicing, we have expanded our services to include construction and bridge draw reviews, collateral surveillance and other commercial real estate and mortgage-related support services.

Present Day and Beyond

Today, we are one of a family of related companies which also includes Essex Financial Group and Baron Properties. Essex Financial Group remains a successful regional mortgage banking firm while Baron Properties is a full-service real estate firm focused on the acquisition, development, and management of multifamily and other commercial real estate equity assets.

The people at Essex Financial Services, Essex Financial Group and Baron Properties create a unique synergy which allows each company to provide expertise and insight to its clients that is above and beyond that offered by each of their peers.

At Essex, we value trust, growth, and relationships. We help clients solve problems they might not see, and see opportunities in places others do not.

With experience dating back to the early 1980s, we have seen the industry grow and change. We’ll keep you one step ahead of the game with the flexibility to make educated decisions as these changes occur.

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